Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Xyrtox Liquid' (ISBN: 9789076831244)

Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Xyrtox Liquid'

The title of the book refers to a walk along the same named river which can be found on the imaginary map the artist uses. The Xyrtox Liquid connects his working zones. The artist stays ‘in’ the landscape of the map to find and discover his source material, which mainly emphasizes on the fragility of human beings in time and space. That’s the way his inner landscape emerges. Simultaneously the concept of this book is also a walk through his work, with plates of the map, panels, sculptures, installations & performance.

64 pages, 19,5 x 27,5 cm, color plates, bound.

200 copies.

Text by Fiorella Stinders [download the text]

Print by Sint-Joris Oostakker april 2013

Design by Efraïm Sebrechts & Rebecca Vangestel

ISBN 9789076831244

This book costs € 24, sending included, and can be ordered via hendrik.vermeulen4@telenet.be